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Liberate VA
Content Strategy & Social Media Marketing


Liberate is a Virtual Assistant service base company. 

The brand required the development and implementation of a social media strategy that helped increase engagement and grow its audience. This involved creating a variety of content, such as reels, carousels, and infographics, that were visually appealing and aligned with the brand's messaging. In addition,  informative and engaging captions were written while researching and using hashtags that were optimized for SEO to ensure the content reached the right audience.

My Role 

  • Develop, write and deliver Creative Brief

  • Creating posts 

  • Developing Reels

  • Photo Editing

  • Writing captions

  • Researching hashtag

Creative Brief

Creative Brief.png

Creative Brief

The Brief covered

  • Objectives and tactics

  • KPI's, targets and measurements

  • Key research insights

  • Implementation 

Content Creation

Instagram Posts

SMART Objective

Increase brand awareness and engagement by 30% in the next 6 months


Brand increased awareness and engagement by 50% in 6 months


Copywriting & SEO

liberate_va A growing business means a constantly heavy workload. Being burdened with such a large work volume may leave you with little time to focus on your core business activities. And time is a luxury that not all of us have.

Liberate is your time-saving professional friend so you can get the most out of your business.

We help:
1. Improve operations
2. Streamline systems and processes
3. Time management
4. Networking
5. Complete day-to-day tasks

Whether you just need a tweak in your day or a complete take-over, we offer it all.

DM us today so you can have more time to take your business to the next level.


Captions were developed by researching trends within the sector, lowing for increased interest and engagement. The copy of the caption was written following the brand's tone.  Having a CTA at the end allowed for increase interaction


Hashtags were researched using SEO tools such as Flick.

The implemented hashtags were chose by their relevance and competition

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