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Life Hacks:
 Copywriting & WEB DESIGN


Life Hacks was the brand used for an assignment by Red & Yellow in my Digital Marketing course.

The brand sells quirky and unexpected gadgets with the aim of making regular chores and aspects of everyday life easier. The brand needed a website to drive people to the physical store.

My Role 

  • Web design

  • Copywriting 

The Audience

Young adults with children, who are stressed out and strapped for time. 



Colour Scheme


Headings: Verdana

Body: Ariel

Blue and orange

People smiling and mishaps that happen in life

Web Design

Life Hacks
Life hacks home page

Products Page

The Products Page stood as the 

landing page for the brand's new product: Spill proof coffee mug for moms

Life hacks product page


The Goal:

  • Conversion

  • Create a clear and concise copy of the brand's new coffee mug for moms. The copy needed to depict the benefits of the mug and a final action for the reader to take. 

The Research:


The Results:

3 keywords were chosen based on relevance, 

competition and search volume

The copy was based on SEO results: 


The Goal:

Write a brief copy of what the brand is and how it benefits their users

Life Hacks About Page

Skills Implemented

  • Adobe XD used for the intial wireframing of website design and layout

  • Wix used to build the website to drive people to the physical store

  • Adobe Photoshop used to edit photo's and create the look of the coffee mug

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