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Earthy Rebellion:
Content Creation & Social Media Marketing


Earthy Rebellion is a sustainability and eco-friendly brand that wanted a presence on Instagram. 

The brand's focus is on providing education regarding climate change, sustainable living and zero waste alternatives. They want to be thought of as a leader in this niche. 

  • Instagram

My Role 

  • Develop the theme and aesthetic of the brand

  • Creating posts 

  • Photo Editing

  • Writing captions

  • Researching hashtags

  • Running campaigns through IG ads 

  • Maintaining and growing the Instagram Page

Logo 1080x1080-01.png

Brand Development

Layout & Theme

  • The Checkered Board layout was used to clearly depict the contrasting colours of the brand

  • Alternating black and white images kept the page cohesive and consistent

The Bio

The bio was written to clearly depict the:

  • Niche of the brand

  • What brand offers

  • Contact 


Content Creation

Carousel Posts

  • Used to relay more information on a topic

  • Headings and texts were consistent throughout all posts

  • Illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrate

  • Images were edited in accordance to brands theme in Photoshop

Carousel Post


  • Infographics were use to relay bite-size info

  • Photo's were edited in accordance to brand theme

  • Illustrations were created to add a playful feel

  • The caption of the post relaid the bulk of the info following best practices of SEO


Social Media Marketing


Increase brand engagement by 20% using over the next month


  • Run IG ads on selected post

  • Hashtag SEO


  • 5 comments,  100 likes, 5 followers


Engagement increased by 35%  in one month

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